Stone 27

A journey to a reality where the most basic law of nature has been affected.


Stone 27 | Burning Man Honorarium 2019

Stone 27 is an honorarium project for Burning Man 2019. We’re a multidisciplinary crew from around the world lead by artist Benjamin Langholz, and currently working out of Berlin. Our project invites you on a floating walk above the playa to experience a moment of complete presence.

The installation is made up of 27 floating stones each weighing 1000 lbs. The stones form a circular pathway increasing in height up to 20 feet above the playa floor. We’re using industrial materials, and the brains of Amihay and Amy, our two structural engineers, so that the installation stands supported by four minimal steel columns.

Confront nature and yourself as you journey along a path of 27 stones floating above the playa. Find your balance as you step from stone to stone into an alternate reality where potentially destructive energy has been harmonized with our most basic law of nature to create a moment of physical and mental elevation as you make your way along the path higher and higher above the playa.

Stone 27 finds great inspiration in simplicity, minimalism, and math to create clearness and consciousness in a material world, inviting you to a moment of complete presence.

Stone 7 at AfrikaBurn  - Image by Jeffry Harrison

Stone 7 at AfrikaBurn - Image by Jeffry Harrison


 We need your help!

We were super excited to receive an honorarium from Burning Man that covers the costs of transportation to and from Reno, and most materials. This leaves us with fabrication as a remaining area with significant costs. Originally we planned to hire a fabrication company, but in order to fit into our new budget, involve the community, and learn more in the process, we decided to fabricate the columns ourselves. We are reaching out to you the Burning Man community to help us raise upward of $7000 which will put us in a position to make Stone 27 a reality, covering the cost of fabrication.


Your energy

We’re searching for a few key people for our team including someone to lead camp / food, and maybe you? Head over to our Crew page for more details.


We’re going to make a lot of progress and we’d love for you to follow along. Like our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to.


More From the Stone Series


Stone 1

Stone 27 is part of a series of projects which started with Stone 1, completed over summer with the help of Mae Ling. A one thousand pound granite stone permanently floating between the trees outside Spokane Washington. Before even starting Stone 1 I had already visualized and sketched and become very excited about Stone 27 as a possible Burning Man…

Stone 7, AfrikaBurn 2019

Another work in this series is Stone 7, was built for AfrikaBurn 2019. The concept is similar to Stone 27 but with a linear design and a total of 9 stones. It’s promising to be simple and elegant. It now has a home in Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain at a movement therapy center called Rocklands.


We have a lot of work ahead of us...

Help Make Stone 27 a reality


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