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Benjamin Langholz

Artist, Project lead

Hey hello 👋

My name's Benjamin, and I’m the artist and creator of Stone 27. I'm from California, but currently living in Berlin.

I spent the past two years living in Tokyo, where I studied Kinbaku, or Japanese rope bondage. While tying I began to explore how shaping my environment could intensify the effects on the person being tied in the pursuit of that I call a “natural high”. These experiments lead me to create and lead Shibari Sanctuary a Burning Man Honorarium project in 2017 as a collaboration with my teacher Kinoko Hajime. I’ve also created grant funded work for Midburn, AfrikaBurn, Wasteland, and galleries around the world.

Since 2017 my work has continued to evolve. In my current works I am interested in presenting new realities for people to explore while perhaps finding moments of transformation within themselves.

I’m suuuuuper excited to be creating Stone 27 for Burning Man this year 🚀🌋


Amihay Gonen

engineering lead, Build lead

Im an artist and structural engineer originally from Isreal, living in Berlin. Fascinated by light art which combines structural and architectural beauty. I like to get my hand dirty and dusty while making my art and prefers cookies ice cream any time.


Amy Kordosky


Hi! I’m Amy, and I’m part of the engineering team of Stone 27. I’m currently living in San Francisco and working at a structural engineering firm in the city, designing buildings for the tech companies in Silicon Valley. This will be my first time attending and working on a structure for Burning Man, and I’m pumped! I’m originally from Portland, Oregon. I’m currently spending most of my weekends skiing or rock climbing, and am all about keeping my lifestyle as active as possible.


Mae Ling

Second Brain

Mae Ling, a Las Vegas Mistress believes that life is a journey of indulging oneself. Rewiring my own brain with three years of travel, I now bask in desire where I can enjoy life to the fullest. Holding a safe space for exploration and nurturing creativity we can blossom.

Burning Man has been a catalyst for my lifestyle. All the interactions, the mentality, the love, I wanted to continue to live it in the default world.

Building art has been special way to get my hands dirty and create a beautiful connection with others. With a central focus in such a harsh environment, we get to support and love each other to finish it.


J.J. – Jeffrey Jones

Fabrication Lead

JJ experienced Stone 7 at AfrikaBurn and super generously reached out to Benjamin to offer to fabricate Stone 27 at The Generator where he is a resident artist.


Ann-Kathrin Rudorf

fundraising & communications lead

Dusty crowd, experience seekers, and art lovers, this is my very first Burning Man! Hi I'm Ann-Kathrin! I studied visual arts and curating in Germany, South Korea, and England. I currently run a non profit art gallery in the suburbs of Berlin. I believe in art as a mind-expanding, awareness building form of activism that encourages various forms of participation and is therefore strengthening individuals in creating a critical and mindful civic society. In my work I create temporary spaces to enable experience, exchange, and engagement.

I'm joining Benjamin and his crew to help create a livin'utopia and taking care of communication and fundraising. 

Let's talk art!


Paw Paw – Lucas


Paw Paw is laying down beautiful steel beads to keep the supporting structure safe, sound, and sexy.


Jeff Inhofer

Fabrication Manager

Hey All! I’m Jeff, a Minnesotan living out in the SF Bay Area. I most enjoy time spent outside with friends; skiing, hiking, biking, motorcycling and enjoying music festivals and concerts as often as possible. Since my relocation out to California, I’ve been working in the Tech industry helping guide engineering design programs into products. The activity of turning a mental vision into reality has always been a wonder to me and a passion for me; it’s the reason I became an engineer. I’m excited to be able to extend that passion to this project, Stone 27, and help usher it into reality!


Yayoi Hara



Maya Homerton


Hi, I am Maya! I am based in the South of Spain living and sharing my life in a farm animal shelter as a volunteer. To care the mother earth and show the respect and the love in this world is my mission. I teach Yoga and I love give thai massage because maintaining connecting with the human and is a way to show and share the self love.

Beside this, but not less important, I am model and performer Shibari.

I love to travel, and of course be part of Burning Man again, and again.

I have been part of Shibari Sanctuary in 2017, Last year be part of Swoon camping and also i experiment my first Nowhere, in Spain, so, I can’t explain how happy I am to be this year part of STONE 27

Thank You! Maya!


Rubén Sánchez


I currently live in the south of Spain in a shelter of animals building in community. I love nature and I enjoy practicing survival and adventure in it.

Although at the moment I am installed in Spain I try to travel as much as I can to know new experiences and this one in particular is a dream.

I am very happy and excited to be part of Stone 27

Big hug for everyone🚀🚀


More to come…