Stone 1

Stone 27 is part of a series of projects which started with Stone 1, completed over summer with the help of Mae Ling. A one thousand pound granite stone permanently floating between the trees outside Spokane Washington. Before even starting Stone 1 I had already visualized and sketched and become very excited about Stone 27 as a possible Burning Man project. So Stone 1 was an essential step in this direction. Stone 1 was constructed without the use of machines for lifting and instead relied on tools of mechanical advantage. I had to apply my physical body to it’s limit in order to effect gravity as well compensate for a lack of experience with what I was doing. Through this process I gained a great appreciation for the physical strain each component of the installation was under. The bolts, hardware, wire ropes, and trees. Once Stone 1 was gently swaying in the wind overhead I could feel the tension that the components were under in order to hold this potentially incredibly destructive mass back against the most basic law of nature. Gravity.