A test! We learned some things...


We spent last weekend with steel, stones, and rain. We learned a lot from this test.

  • The stones we would likely want may not be so heavy. The larger of the two we used while it was a bit flat weighed in at 195kg about 430lbs.

  • The bolts we got as a gift from Jim at Bolt Products (Thank you Jim!) worked amazingly. We did decide though that the larger bolts were a bit too big and looked funny coming so far out of the stones. Jim is working to get us a set of bolts with an eye half the size for AfrikaBurn.

  • Drilling the holes was a bit harder then expected on the larger stone and took some serious muscle. We also wore out a Bosch drill bit by the end of the 10th hole.

  • Air compressor is much better to blow out the holes then the hand pump or mouth options.

  • The glue set within a few hours, even in the rain!

  • We got a good idea of the spacing we want between stones, and a final rigging configuration for AfrikaBurn.

  • The come alongs worked great!

come dance gif.gif

Sadly the frame we built had trouble to support the horizontal rigging forces we wanted to apply to the stones. Some of the pipe that was bracing the frame bent so we had to try a different configuration for the rigging lines in order to get an idea of spacing we would want between stones.


It was super nice to walk between two stones for the first time!

Ben Langholz