Stone 7 at AfrikaBurn

Most of the focus has been on Stone 27 the project for Burning Man, but the work on Stone 7 for AfrikaBurn is going to start in just a few days! Couldn’t be more excited! Benjamin, Mae, and Monica will be heading to Cape Town next week to begin fabrication and staging for the project! There’s a lot to do! Fabrication will start right away, we need to find and prep our stones, as well as gather all the other necessary equipment. Expect updates as it comes together, but if you would like to follow along @stonetwenteyseven on Instagram will be sharing the story as it happens.

Also please consider donating to the project. We we super grateful to get a grant from AfrikaBurn to create the project, but we are still trying to raise an additional $2000 to cover the costs of materials, fabrication, and transportation.

Ben Langholz